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The 2017 annual report of RSF Social Finance, now online, documents a remarkable year for this meeting place of socially-conscious borrowers and lenders, grantees and donors.

Imagine a year in which unprecedented success and a major transition happen contemporaneously. That imagination will give you a sense of 2017 at RSF Social Finance. We exceeded our funding goals for our investment and philanthropic funds, as well as money raised for Money to Transform, our capacity building campaign. Our assets surpassed $200 million and our social enterprise loan portfolio surpassed $100 million for the first time. We also had a record year for funding social enterprises through loans and grants. At the same time, we absorbed the announcement of a CEO transition and the formation of a search process for the next leader.

Read the full report.

With all his trash and recycling since January

In online news from the University of Michigan we hear that "April 22 is Earth Day, and LSA senior Samuel McMullen, who went 'zero waste' in 2015, would like you to become a zero hero too–or to at least give it a real try." The average American generates 1600 lbs. of trash each year, and recycling is not enough: Samuel reports that "Ninety-seven percent of the environmental degradation happens before you open the package." He and his sister Lydia McMullen-Laird have been doing zero waste for three years now, and founded Live Zero Waste, an online community dedicated to trash-free living. There are some practical exceptions (including for medicine; their parents founded the Rudolf Steiner Health Center), but the shock of a single day's effort re-sets perceptions. Read more...

Herbert Hagens has provided dates for following the 52 verses of Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul through the fifty-five weeks from Easter 2018 to Easter 2019. You can view and print out his suggestions from this PDF.

Steiner created the Calendar of the Soul in 1912, and you are also most welcome to read or reread here the special section of being human that greeted that centennial. Gertrude Reif Hughes explained:

“The course of the year has its own life,” said Rudolf Steiner in the 1918 preface to his Calendar of the Soul. As human beings we can “unfold a feeling-unison” with it. We can breathe out with the earth, from spring’s sprouting and blossoming to high summer; then we can follow the earth’s in-breathing as it moves through autumn to the depths of winter. The fifty-two verses of the Calendar, one for each week of the year, follow the year’s cycle, and allow us to perceive the changes around us in terms of our own inner activity. The verses alert the soul, says Steiner’s preface, to “the delicate yet vital threads ... between it and the world into which it has been born.” Coleridge called those threads “the one life within us and abroad.” Robert Frost wrote of inner and outer weather. The Calendar connects them at a deep level, an esoteric one.

You can view available editions and translations at SteinerBooks.

The Lukas Community, a small residential community located in beautiful rural Temple, NH, is looking for caring, responsible adults who, as house parents in one of our extended-family households, or as single co-workers, find meaning and fulfillment in sharing their lives and daily work with individuals in need of special care.

We strive to provide a supportive environment in which each individual can unfold their special gifts while we try to meet their particular needs by creating a rich therapeutic environment including activities such as gardening, animal care, crafts, cooking, music and movement, to name just a few. Previous experience would be welcome but is not a requirement. Accommodation and food from our own organic garden will be provided along with a monthly stipend, health benefits, tuition aid for parents with school aged children, and 4–6 weeks of vacation per year.

If you are interested to learn more about us, view our website For questions and further information, please contact Kristen Stanton: lukas (at) communityorg. or call the office at (603) 878-4796.

Note: Our self-managed Jobs Board has closed, as part of the transition to new websites, and this is its final post for now!

On March 24, 2018, the General Assembly of the General Anthroposophical Society reinstated Elisabeth Vreede and Ita Wegman, two of its founding members, by a large majority, three opposing votes and 17 abstentions, reversing the action of 1935. The lives, activities, and impulses of the two individuals shaping the Society were honored.

The same meeting did not confirm the extension of the term of office of the two board members Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato. Seven years ago, the lifetime appointment of a board member of the General Anthroposophical Society was replaced by a seven-year term. This year, Paul Mackay's and Bodo von Plato's approval for a further term was up for vote; the majority of the General Assembly did not approve of this request. For Paul Mackay there were 467 against, 408 votes in favor, and 62 abstentions. For Bodo von Plato there were 486 votes against, 398 yes votes, and 56 abstentions.

The membership of the Executive Board of the General Anthroposophical Society, following the planned retirement of Seija Zimmermann who will take over duties in Finland, is now Justus Wittich, Joan Sleigh, Constanza Kaliks and Matthias Girke.

Jasper van Brakel

Jasper van Brakel, former head of Weleda North America, will lead the pioneering social enterprise funder in its next phase of innovation.

RSF Social Finance has named Jasper J. van Brakel, former president and CEO of Weleda North America, its new CEO effective March 19. In addition to offering proven leadership—van Brakel built Weleda’s brand in the U.S. and Canada and oversaw substantial growth—he brings impact-driven investing experience and a deep connection with RSF’s values to the position.

“When I heard that RSF is looking for a new leader, I was immediately excited and intrigued,” van Brakel said. “The people who are most inspiring to me are those who take a radical idea and execute it brilliantly in the interest of the whole, bringing ideals from 30,000 feet to ground level, where they can truly work to bring about change. That’s what RSF does as an organization, and it’s what all of RSF’s donors, investors, borrowers, and grantees are doing.”


Mistletoe harvesting

Mistletoes are flowering plants, but they don’t form a root and they are wholly dependent on food from the host tree. Their leaves are permanently green, but not optimised for photosynthesis. The material and quality of mistletoe is thus shaped by the mother tree, without which it could not exist.

Just a hundred years ago an extract of mistletoe was first used for treatment of cancer. Dr. Ita Wegman was guided by the research of Rudolf Steiner. The website has published a beautiful series of pictures on the harvesting and preparation of this important medicinal plant, along with a short commentary on its unusual properties.

The special Michaelmas webinar, Hearts Are Beginning To Have Thoughts, with Rev. Patrick Kennedy is available now online, video and audio (and PowerPoint slides). To access the video recording, click here. To listen only, click here. Patrick teaches at the Christian Community Seminary in Spring Valley, NY. — Thanks to all who offered donations to help make this webinar and others like it possible! To donate to ASA Programs, please click here.

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Our fall conference and annual meeting will be October 5-7 (with special events also on the 4th). Details here!

ESV Summer Refresher Courses for Eurythmists

Mon, Aug 06 2018 to Fri, Aug 17 2018
Location: Chestnut Ridge, NY

Two Weeks of Waldorf Pedagogy 2018: An opportunity to rejuvenate and work with fellow colleagues! [more]

Summer Eurythmy Week 2018

Sun, Aug 12 2018 to Fri, Aug 17 2018
Location: Chestnut Ridge, NY

Summer Eurythmy Week 2018 [more]

Foundations Conference

Thu, Aug 16 2018 7:00 PM to Mon, Aug 20 2018 12:00 PM
Location: Portland, OR

Foundations Studies, Painting, Drawing, Singing, Speech and More! [more]

Art Story

Mon, Aug 20 2018
Location: Chicago, IL

A Going Away Art & Music Event for the CWS Class of 2018 [more]

Landscape Painting Retreat

Thu, Aug 23 2018 9:00 AM to Sun, Aug 26 2018 4:00 PM
Location: Crestone, CO

Jennifer Thomson leads the retreat, evening presentations: Philip Incao 'Health in our Culture', Kathleen... [more]

At least three individuals are doing notable work to help us know and feel our place in the cosmos. Mary Stewart Adams directs a "dark sky park" in Michigan and has given many talks and webinars on events among the stars. Hazel Archer Ginsberg is active in the Chicago branch and produces a blog and website, Reverse Ritual, following Rudolf Steiner's original impulse for the Calendar of the Soul. And Jonathan Hilton continues the work of Willi Sucher through the Astrosophy Research Center and regular presentations on the stars and humanity's evolution.

The latest of these takes its start for 2018 from the "supermoon" of New Year's Day, explores the background of the regions known as the Twins and the Archer, and leads back to the first foundations of our human existence. Read more...
[Update: And a next one is already online, Epiphany and Pluto.]

The UK website Wallpaper* (which covers architecture, art, design, and more) has a concise appreciation: "Rudolf Steiner’s Goetheanum in Switzerland is a philosophical masterpiece."

One of the largest reinforced concrete buildings of its time, the Goetheanum has an enigmatic design that combines the charismatic volume of Gaudí, with the zeal of an Orthodox onion dome and the command of a Brutalist masterpiece...

Steiner applied Goethe’s laws of metamorphosis to architecture, designing each part of the building as a cog in the greater machine with a greater purpose: colonnaded corridors circulate the main auditorium like devoted veins transmitting information into the heart of the vessel and cavernous staircases peel out like organ pipes sculpting the movement of sound..

There are a number of fine photographs François Coquerel. Read more...

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