Colloquium of Eurythmy Educators

Thu, Aug 09 2018 to Sun, Aug 12 2018

Location: Chestnut Ridge, NY
Category: Eastern Region, Eurythmy, Teacher Training, Waldorf Education

Pedagogical Eurythmy Initiative: August 9th to 12th!

The eurythmy teacher pipeline recently passed the news of another well-established Waldorf school downsizing eurythmy from their educational offerings. Eurythmy in schools is and has been vulnerable in recent years. The Association of Waldorf Schools recently published a position paper in support of eurythmy in Waldorf schools; it is an essential subject area! (See EANA website for this paper).

It is also true that eurythmy as a "special" subject is vulnerable, as schools everywhere face financial realities that require that "something has to go" from a school program. Private schools struggle to sustain their enrollment and full program offerings, due to trends in enrollment that affect not only Waldorf Education, but all private schools. Enrollment in private schools for grades pre-K to 12, including parochial schools, dropped by 14%-to 6.3 million in 2016 from 7.3 million in 2006, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In 1995, private schools educated 14% of the nation's student population; they educated 11% in 2016, according to the census data." (Wall Street Journal, December 29, 2017).

So much uncertainty! What is certain is that the healing impulse of eurythmy has never been more relevant, that the needs of children are changing, and that every child needs teachers that understand hygienic healing teaching methods, delivered through imaginative pictures and healthy movement.

As eurythmy teachers, we require so much vitality and continual self-development to face the forces of opposition that rise up to meet us! Do we have the right continuing education/professional development offerings to support us in our work with children? Are we active enough in our own self-education in the fundamentals of Waldorf pedagogy that inform eurythmy teaching? Do we articulate the impact of eurythmy on children clearly enough within our communities, and demonstrate it well? Do we understand the effects of technology on ourselves and the children well enough to address this impact in our teaching? Have we changed our teaching enough to meet the needs of our changing world?

It is time to gather ourselves for a colloquium of eurythmy educators to share our thoughts, needs, insights and questions. We need a strategic plan for the next chapter of eurythmy in schools.

On the weekend of August 9th to 12th, in Spring Valley, NY, please come to a colloquium of eurythmy educators! Contact Laura Radefeld or Susan Eggers if you are interested in attending. Funding may be available to support travel. The program will include eurythmy refreshment, study, conversation, and strategic planning.

Laura Radefeld and Susan Eggers:

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seggers (at) princetonwaldorforg

For information, please contact us at 845-352-5020, ext.113, or