Exploring Body, Soul & Spirit, a Deeply Relational Journey of Self-Development

Wed, Apr 18 2018 2:30 PM to Sun, Apr 22 2018 1:00 PM

Location: Phoenixville, PA
Category: Central Region, Psychology-Psychosophy, Biography, Self-Development

The new three-year certificate program in Anthroposophic Psychology begins with a seminar open to all

You may be a professional psychologist, a minister, a wedding planner, or a trusted friend to whom others turn for guidance. Whatever your counseling role in life, you have surely felt the need for a more soul-filled perspective than mainstream modalities can offer. Anthroposophic psychology works from a deep understanding of the nature and potential of each human being.

A diverse community of professional colleagues is attracted to this work, each bringing unique knowledge and wisdom to share with one another during their three-year journey. Deep relationality can develop between cohort members in their mutual quest for greater understanding of what it means to be fully human.

Our students take home new interpersonal and professional skills to bring to clients, to loved ones, and to the world at large. Many also discover increased self-knowledge and self-compassion.

Core Seminars

Each of the nine carefully designed seminars includes a balance of experiential exercises, lectures, artistic response, movement, individual contemplation, and the richness of human relationship. Within each seminar, sufficient time is created to ponder, digest, wrestle with, and integrate the rich content and experiences. Between seminars, live online conferences and “Between Queries” allow deeper understanding to ripen.  Alterations to the curriculum can occur but this shows the general flow of concepts and experiences.

Seminar #1:
Re-membering Psychology through Relational Anthropos?Sophia *

  • Placing anthroposophy within the historical development of psychotherapeutic perspectives;
  • from Freud to the DSM and beyond;
  • challenges to soul and spirit in the context of contemporary culture and psychology, and how to respond;
  • satisfying the demand for “evidence-based” research;
  • soul-development dynamics;
  • Pathos and Spiritus;
  • seven adult learning processes as framework for the entire course;
  • the Counselor’s Mandate;
  • ontological security as key to the development of the “I”;
  • the myth of Old Saturn and the Thrones: the soul at the threshold as the crisis of our times;
  • who is Sophia?; who is Anthropos?

* This module may be taken as a stand-alone seminar.