Shakespeare & the Spirit of English

Mon, Jul 30 2018 to Fri, Aug 10 2018

Location: London, England, UK
Category: International

with Sarah Kane, Richard Ramsbotham, Fred Dennehy & Andrew Wolpert

and the Spirit of English

Rudolf Steiner House, London
30th July – 10th August, 2018

Come to England this summer and enjoy Shakespeare in London Theatres, Drama Workshops, Text Study Sessions, and through Discussions, Seminars and Lectures

The Spirit of English with Sarah Kane, Richard Ramsbotham, Fred Dennehy & Andrew Wolpert offers an opportunity to engage with Shakespeare for a fortnight of artistic activity, provocative thoughts, merriment & metamorphosis. Seeing plays on stage is an essential part of this course; as theatres’ plans are published, we will select performances and weave a theme for our work together.

Whether connecting threads are old monarchs struggling with failing authority, brave individuals discovering potential Ego sovereignty, the poignant dynamic between fathers and daughters, the inseparable link between knowledge and evil, the painful dichotomy between knowing and doing, the allure of gender fluidity, the metamorphosis of image to vision, the dissolution of dated distinctions, the manifestation of life even in death, or the enabling power of forgiveness, the plays will provide scope for our exploration and discovery.

The beauty, genius and creative energy in the language of the plays and sonnets will be part of our work, as well as historical considerations of England, the world and English at Shakespeare’s time. This treasure of universal culture that celebrates, confirms and lovingly accompanies our still unfinished becoming human was given at the beginning of what Rudolf Steiner called the Consciousness Soul Age. This gift to the world reveals something of the Spirit of English and its timeless contribution that still now and into the future will grow and prosper, long after the illusions of national, territorial or political significance are dispelled.

This course is for adult native speakers and non-native speakers with an upper-intermediate or advanced level of comprehension. Students over 16 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. The course fee is £630, not including theatre tickets, food, or accommodation. You should explore various options; there is great demand for summer accommodation in London.

A course programme and details are available; let us know as soon as possible if you are thinking of joining us: andrewjwolpert (at) gmailcom

This course is sponsored by and run on behalf of The Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain