Soul Journey: Awakening the "I"

Wed, Mar 09 2016 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: WEBINAR - online 8pm Eastern Time
Category: Online or Teleconference, Waldorf Education

John Wulsin

How the Waldorf Curriculum Unfolds Healthy Child Development in the High School Years, with John Wulsin

A webinar recorded on Mar 09, 2016 at 8:00 PM EST.

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Co-sponsored by AWSNA and the Anthroposophical Society in America.

Perhaps the essential challenge of each incarnation is to awaken one's "I." It may be accurate to say that Waldorf education, with all its unequalled, intricately nuanced, multi-layered, and continuously evolving development curriculum, may exist simply "To Awaken the "I," and hence to give each individual the capacities to fulfill his or her particular missions in this life. How might Waldorf high schools, active in the third stage of child development, work in ways wich best help this most mysterious task - To Awaken the "I"?

After working as an Instructor with Outward Bound, tonight's speaker, John H. Wulsin, taught high school English and Drama for thirty-five years at Green Meadow Waldorf School, where a range of administrative duties included chairing the English Department; the high school; the whole school; the collegium; and the teacher development committee. He also taught Poetics at the Eurythmy School in Spring Valley. John serves on the Editorial Board of Renewal, a journal for Waldorf Education. He has authored three books: "Laws of the Living Language," "Proverbs of Purgatory," and "The Spirit of the English Language." He edited "The Riddle of America" and co-edited "Books for the Journey." In 2015 he retired with his wife Jane to the Texas Hill Country near Austin and two daughters and their families, including five of nine grandchildren. Currently four Longhorn calves graze at their home on Longhorn Trail.