Summer Eurythmy Week 2018

Sun, Aug 12 2018 to Fri, Aug 17 2018

Location: Chestnut Ridge, NY
Category: Eastern Region, Eurythmy, Goethean Science, Self-Development

Summer Eurythmy Week 2018

Sunday, August 12 - Friday, August 17, 2018

School of Eurythmy, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Course Fee: $400, if paid by registration date of June 9, 2017 ($450 after registration date).

Join us for a week of exploration as we discover the ways in which the outer world of nature mirrors our inner life of soul. Through daily gardening and nature observation, we will allow the sense perceptions of the outer world to inform our inner experiences of artistic life in eurythmy.

In speech eurythmy, Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul and its corresponding eurythmy forms will give us a pathway toward deepening our experience of the relationship between the seasonal rhythms of nature and our soul activity. In tone eurythmy, we will bring into movement and visibility the elements of music, which are present in nature and in the human soul. Through the artistic elements of eurythmy, we will ask the question: How might eurythmy express the inner life of the soul in the way the outer forms of nature express the life of the cosmos?

The daily rhythm will include: Biodynamic gardening, forest nature observation, speech and tone eurythmy, and evening activities. Some evening activities will include a concert and eurythmy performance, a lecture by Clifford Venho, and group conversation.

Faculty: Sea-Anna Vasilas and Clifford Venho. Additional faculty to be announced soon.

For information, or to register, please call 845-352-5020, ext.113, or info (at) eurythmyorg