The Subterranean Spheres in the World

Tue, Nov 14 2017 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: New York, NY
Category: Eastern Region, Anthroposophy-General, Esoteric Studies, Geomancy-Earth Studies, Initiation, Self-Development, Speaker Tour

The Subterranean Spheres in the World and in the Human Being, Two-Lectures by Thomas Meyer

The Subterranean Spheres in the World and in the Human Being-Two Lectures by Thomas Meyer

Rudolf Steiner gave only five lectures directly about the subterranean spheres, four of them in 1906, and one in 1909 and never returned to the topic again with specificity. However, his very last writing, Leading Thought of March 30, 1925 was titled “From Nature to Sub-Nature” and addressed the need to make such forces fully conscious. He warned “He [the human being] can only do this if he rises in spiritual knowledge as least as far into Super-Nature as he has descended in the technical sciences in to Sub-Nature.” The nine levels of the spiritual world have their polaric reflection in the nine layers of the subterranean world. Awareness of these complimentary but opposing spheres is found in literature (Dante), mythology and legend. The degree to which modern humanity is influenced by these unconscious and semi-conscious forces and the necessity of becoming fully conscious of these chthonic energies in order to achieve a balanced progress in one’s moral/spiritual development will be presented in the light of Spiritual Science.

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7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Please note that this is a two-lecture series with a short break between the lectures.