Waldorf Grades Teacher Training

Sun, Jul 01 2018

Location: Duncan, BC, CANADA
Category: Canada, Waldorf Education, Teacher Training

3 years part time

This is a part time program of 5 weeks per year over 3 years comprised of 3 weeks in July and a week in fall and spring each successive year.

Throughout the three years, studies in Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education are interwoven with artistic and practical subjects. Emphasis will be on understanding all aspects of child development and, over the course of the 3-year program, the Grades 1 through 8 curriculum will be introduced and developed. Entry to the program is possible every year. Each year brings deeper understanding of the concepts and ideas that are part of the anthroposophical approach to education, as well as covering the Waldorf curriculum.

Summer session location: Sunrise Waldorf School, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

November and February sessions: Vancouver Waldorf School, North Vancouver, BC.

Application deadline May 15, 2018

One time application fee of $100. Annual tuition $5500 payable by installment if preferred. PayPal payments accepted.

Applicants can make direct enquiries to Lisa Masterson, Program Director email: WCIGrades (at) gmailcom, phone: 949-220-3193

Information and the application form are available on our website westcoastinstitute.org/programs/waldorf-grades-teacher-training