Workshop with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon June NY

Wed, Jun 21 2017 7:00 PM to Sun, Jun 25 2017 1:30 PM

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Category: Eastern Region, Anthroposophy-General, Community Development, Event Studies, Freedom, School for Spiritual Science

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon will lead a workshop on anthroposophical study, spiritual memory, and the Event of our times through cognitive and social yoga, in the context of the Global School.

We will begin a new 7 year cycle of study in the context of Dr. Ben-Aharon's contribution to the School of Spiritual Science in Saratoga Springs, NY. June 21-25.

We will focus on the practice of self-knowledge, meeting the other person, devotion to truth, spiritual memory, study as the first step of real anthroposophcial practice, and cognitive yoga as a path to meeting the spiritual Event of our times. If you are interested please contact scottehicks (at) gmailcom for more information.