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Would you like to read being human on your tablet or smartphone?

Do you have trouble reading our print magazine
but have access to a PC or laptop?

With the Summer-Fall 2016 issue of the being human print magazine (#17) we are offering a test of several new electronic viewing options.

These allow you to view the magazine layout, read and print from your laptop or PC, or take being human with you on your smartphone or tablet in a complete and readable format with special navigation tools.

Please review the choices below.


Here are links to the three viewing choices:

  1. Interactive PDF in mobile-format for smaller devices (click to open, right-click to download)
    • View this to read being human comfortably on a smartphone or tablet, with special links for easy navigation.
    • Download and view this format on a PC or laptop for extra large type viewing.
  2. PDF of magazine layout (click to open, right click to download)
    • With this page-by-page file of the printed magazine you can view, download, copy text, and print individual pages.
  3. Online view of full magazine layout ("Adobe Publish Online")
    • Use this on a larger-screen device (laptop or PC) to see the print magazine laid out on your screen.


Download the PDF file to your phone or tablet or PC.

When you click on the first or second links above, to PDFs, the PDF file may open in your browser's built-in PDF viewer. For better results you should download the file onto your device (right-click the link and choose download, or save the file if it has opened in your browser); then view it in the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer.  You can get the Reader here.

Help using the mobile format PDF is on the second page.

Feedback? Please!

Do let us know (editor (at) anthroposophyorg) how these work for you. Be sure to mention:

  • what device(s) you are using, e.g., iPhone 6 or laptop or large-screen PC
  • which format(s) you are using (1, 2, or 3 above)
  • is it readable? is it convenient for you?
  • for #3, the mobile format, how well it looked and navigated on your device.

Thank you!

More people are spending more time reading on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and e-book readers. To serve you better, we need to know your preferences.

Please answer a few questions and leave any comments. It will take less than five minutes.

Click here, the survey will open in a new window. Thank you!

The e-newsletter from the Anthroposophical Society in America is now called being human online and continues the themes and focus areas of our print magazine.

being human online is sent monthly to friends and members and to all others who subscribe. Recent issues are linked in the navigation at right; the sign up for this free service in the box at right below the navigation.

Response and suggestions for being human online are always welcome and should be sent to the editor.