being human online - September 2017

being human online - september 26 2017 - john beck, editor

New program season:
Michaelmas, Phoenix, Art of Human Becoming

Not well known in the traditional European festival calendar, Michaelmas was identified by Rudolf Steiner as an event to be cultivated for the future. Many local groups and branches have celebrations, and this year there will be a Michaelmas webinar on September 27th with the Rev. Patrick Kennedy: "Hearts Are Beginning to Have Thoughts: The Meaning of Michaelmas."

A new series of webinars of universal interest starts soon under the heading "The Art of Human Becoming." The three parts (Wednesdays October 4, October 25, and November 15 at 7:30 pm Eastern, with recordings available after) feature biography practitioners Kathleen Bowen, Patricia Rubano, Leah Walker, Sarah Putnam, Linda Bergh, and Jennifer Fox. Details are here. Sessions include an overview of biography, an investigation into understanding and transforming the forces inside and outside of us, and an exploration of the life cycles (including the seven year cycles) that inform the rhythms and patterns of our life.


And the fall conference and annual meeting in Phoenix is drawing near. Advance ticket prices for airlines and Amtrak expire soon, and you may want to take an extra day or two to enjoy this spectacular region. (Yours truly will seize the chance to drive out from Pennsylvania.) If you are wavering, I'll quote a friend in her later seventies: "I’m looking forward to the magic of who will be coming!"

The conference program seems well-tuned for this moment, when our humanity is put to the test in so many ways. Shepha Vainsteen's amazing work with the reGeneration project will inform her presentation, "To Humanize Instead of Demonize:  Embodying the Sophia During Times of Social Crisis." We featured reGeneration in the fall 2015 being human. Keep in mind also the pre-events for members of the School (Friday 9:30am), for those in the Western region (Thursday 4pm), and with Mary Stewart Adams on the Wednesday evening the 11th and during the day on the 12th. Rich content, wonderful setting, and the magic of each other.

New articles online

Author Monica Gold writes, "After sixty-two years of anthroposophy, there is only one wish that still lives: To let others experience the joys and wonders which have become one’s own. Anthroposophy was brought by Rudolf Steiner to all of us, and I try to explore ever new ways of bringing it to the world.

"In 2012, I published a book with Waldorf Publications: Fairy Tales and Art Mirrored in Modern Consciousness. It appeared in Russia, Korea, Germany and will soon be available in China. The book was written for parents and educators with the hope to introduce them to imaginations as they live in children’s drawings, throughout the history of art and in fairy tales." Monica has kindly provided the introduction and first chapter, with beautiful illustrations, for free publication online.

Bill Trusiewicz has written several series of very substantial articles for us to share online. A new one is posted: "Understanding Pauline Initiation in the New Testament as Key to Meeting Christ in the Etheric." This is based on a lecture delivered to the Anthroposophical Society at Cape Ann 2016 Summer Lecture Series at The House of Peace in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

"One of the primary goals of spiritual science is to prepare humanity for the so-called second coming of Christ, which students of spiritual science generally refer to as the return of Christ in the Etheric. It is the goal of this lecture to clarify, expand and deepen our understanding and awareness of this event so that people of good will who encounter this message can further participate in the Mystery of Christ’s second coming and the much-needed impulse for renewal that it will bring to humanity."

It's also nice to be able to report that Fred Amrine's wonderful lecture for the Steiner 150th anniversary year, "Discovering a Genius," is now at translated into Spanish by Central Region council member Alberto Loya. (And if you are a shopper at Amazon, try going to where you can sign up to have a small percentage of your spending directed to the Anthroposophical Society in America or other worthy beneficiary.)