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The print publication from the Anthroposophical Society in America is called being human. It is sent free to members of the ASA and is supported in part by advertising. It is available here in PDF format and in an online magazine reading format at

The phrase "being human" reflects core concerns of anthroposophy, the scientific approach to consciousness, mind, and spirit in humanity and the cosmos that was inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner early in the 20th century. These concerns might be expressed in concrete, personal terms as “being more consciously human, becoming more fully human, acting more humanely in all we do.”

Each issue addresses five content areas:

  • initiative
    for example,
    work toward "authentic assessment in education";
    the House of Peace in Ipswich, MA;
    Otto Scharmer's Theory U applied to the global terror situation;
    the reGeneration project, educating toward peace in the middle East;
    the community center at Heartbeet Lifesharing in Vermont; or
    the Lili Kolisko Institute for Anthroposophic Medicine, validating "alternative" remedies.
  • arts & ideas
    for example,
    the nine-year change in the growing child;
    Rudolf Steiner's far-sighted work toward East-West (and North-South) cultural reconciliation;
    meditation as a path toward becoming human;
    pioneering new approaches to philanthropy;
    experiencing evil in our cultural age; or
    "an emerging anthroposophic psychology."
  • gallery
    for example,
    Robert Logsdon's environment-creating "lazure" work;
    "selfies" from four centuries of painters; or
    the work of students and teachers at the Free Columbia art project.
  • research and reviews
    for example,
    on technology and the laws of thought;
    provoking a crisis in the "materialist neo-Darwinian conception of nature";
    Steiner, Nietzsche, and the Adversary;
    the lives of the "Inklings"; or
    understanding non-measurable qualities in nature.
  • news of the Anthroposophical Society
    including in each issue
    life reviews of remarkable and "ordinary" individuals touched by a deeper consciousness of the human condition.

The contents take up questions of individual self-development and the further evolution of human culture and society — and the concern of all of us with the human future.

Submissions & Advertising


being human accepts advertising, always in full color; please see our information sheet or contact John Beck email). Please support our advertisers!


We welcome submissions. Email is preferred; large attachments (10MB+) are usually received without problem. Address postal mail to:

John Beck, Editor
Anthroposophical Society in America
1923 Geddes Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1797

We will consider lengthy submissions for alternative presentation here on in the Articles section. We try to respond to all submissions, letters, feedback, and inquiries promptly, but feel free to check back if you do not hear from us in a reasonable amount of time.

Staff and Editorial Committees

The editor of being human is John Beck. Rudolf Steiner Library Newsletter editor Fred Dennehy and Elaine Upton are associate editors. The graphic design includes work by Seiko Semones (S2 Design), Ella Lapointe, and Victoria Temple. Proofreading has been done Katherine Czapp and now by Cynthia Chelius who oversees production and mailing.

The initial development of being human was guided by an editorial support committee whose members included:

  • writer and Lilipoh contributing editor Walter Alexander
  • former central region council member and newsletter editor Lori Barian
  • SteinerBooks publisher Gene Gollogly
  • communications designer Stefan Klocek
  • Renewal editor Ronald Koetzsch
  • former at-large national council member James Lee

The 2017 summer-fall issue of being human is now available as a PDF to view or download.

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The printed quarterly being human is sent free to current members of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and complimentary copies are sent for a limited period to those who express interest in our work.

A limited number of free copies are available to organizations and groups (Waldorf teacher training, Anthroposophical Society branches, therapeutic offices) who would like to make them available to the public. Please contact Cynthia Chelius (734-662-9355 or email).

Supplementing the print edition, being human online is a monthly email with additional content and links to articles for which we do not have space in print.

PDF viewing and download

The printed being human is also made available for viewing and download in magazine format as PDF files. Click above to view a cover; click on a link below for the full PDF.

New: the Summer-Fall 2016 issue is available here in a small PDF format for phones and tablets.

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