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Over 450 of you registered for Who Are the Honey Bees? Thank you for joining us to learn more about this very special creature. A huge thank you to Gunther Hauk and Alex Tuchman for presenting, and a special thanks to AWSNA for co-sponsoring with us.

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There are many opportunities to connect with Alex and Gunther this year.  Some of those opportunities are below, along with the slides (further down in the email), recording links, and information about Waldorf 100.

Thank you for joining us!

The video recording is here. 

The audio only file is here. 

Forage Chart

Link to NASA chart 

Links to workshops

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Honeybee feeding instructions 

Waldorf 100

As most of you are aware, Waldorf Education will celebrate its 100 Anniversary in the 2019/2020 School Year, a number of exciting joint projects are being initiated. Across the globe students and communities will be planting trees and establishing beekeeping programs and pollination gardens. 
In North America, AWSNA is excited to partner with Gunther Hauk from the Spikenard Farm Honey Bee Sanctuary, and others such as Richard Louv, author of the Last Child in the Woods, The Children and Nature Network, Green Schoolyards America, and the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood to form a new ecological-green ‘continental park system’ in backyards, playgrounds, school yards, and public spaces - green spaces developed with birds, insects, bees, butterflies, praying mantises and biodiversity in mind; creating a food-web for native species and wild life. Imagine the map!
We hope you will join us in this endeavor.  If you wish to become involved, please contact Beverly Amico at bamico (at) awsnaorg


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