ASA Newsletter 1980 Summer

By: Gisela O'Neil, Editor

June 21, 1980

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Anthroposophical Society in America

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Hans-Werner Schroeder
 Sorath and the End of the Century - 2
Alan Howard
 The ‘End of the Century’ is Already Here - 4
George O’Neil and Gisela O’Neil
 Our Karmic Companions (Continued)—The Human Life, Part 13 - 6
David Hill
 Rudolf Steiner: The Spiritual Foundation of Morality - 9
Maria St. Goar
 Craig Giddons (Comp.): Bibliographical Reference List
 of Rudolf Steiner’s Work in English Translation, Vol 2 - 10
Maria St. Goar
 G. Hillerdal & B. Gustafson (Comp.): Sie erlebten Christus (“They Experienced Christ”) - 10
Theodore Mahle
 Herbert Witzenmann: Beppe Assenza - 11
Agnes Macbeth
 Nine Books for Children, Dawne-Leigh Publications - 12
David Adams
 Ark, an Anthroposophical Youth Newsletter - 13
A.H. (see above article)
 F. Conway & J. Siegelman: Snapping, America’s Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change - 4
Other New Publications 13
Henry Barnes
 Chairman’s Report to the Annual Meeting - 14
Inge Dyrenfurth
 Minutes of the Annual Meeting - 15
Ilse Baravalle Kimball Celebrates Her 80th Birthday - 16
New Members - 16
Ruth Richardson
 In Memoriam: Gordon Peter Weatherill - 17
Other Members Who Have Crossed the Threshold of Death - 17
Gilbert Church
 The Anthroposophic Press, Report to the Annual Meeting - 18
Dietrich V. Asten
 News from the Anthroposophic Press - 18
Heinz Grotzke
 The Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association Report to the Annual Meeting - 19
Andrew Linnell
 Pioneering Effort in North Carolina — Conference on Bio-Dynamics - 19
Henry Barnes
 Visit of Gisela Reuther, W. Ernst Barkhoff, and Rolf Kerler - 19
Stephen Usher
 Anthroposophic Initiative in Finance - 20
Georg Unger
 Toward a New Star Wisdom — A Tribute to Willi Sucher - 21
Ernst Katz and Katherine Katz
 The Rudolf Steiner Institute in Ann Arbor Public Activities, Spring 1980 - 22
Peter Menaker
 Mystery Drama Performance, Easter 1980 - 24
Mary Rubach
 The Western Regional Members’ Conference, April 1980 - 24
Brian Butler
 A Lecture Tour Through the USA Creating a Link with New Zealand - 25
Eleanor Paul
 Our Anthroposophical Headquarters: Recollection of Initiatives in Bygone Days - 25
Hans VanderStok
 Recollections from 1921/22 — Children Around Rudolf Steiner 26
Nathan Melniker
 Flashes from the Past — Michael Bauer Remembered 27
Alan Howard
 A Final Note Concerning the “Kreis” 28



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