ASA Newsletter 1980 Spring

By: Gisela O'Neil, Editor

March 21, 1980

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Anthroposophical Society in America

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Hans-Werner Schroeder
The Incarnation of Ahriman and the Asuras 2

Ernst Lehrs
Rudolf Steiner on the Work with Young People 5

Alan Howard
The “Pre-Kamaloca” Experience of Old Age 7

George O'Neil and Gisela O'Neil
Our Karmic Companions (The Human Life, Part 12) 9


Danilla Rettig
Rudolf Steiner: Eurythmy as Visible Music 12

Stewart C. Easton
Bernard Lievegoed: Phases: Crisis and Development in the Individual 12

Stewart C. Easton
Walther Buehler: Living with Your Body 12

Celeste A. Shitama
Lois Cusick: Waldorf Parenting Handbook 14

Peter Stebbing
Goethe-Farbenstudio: Materials for Carrying Out Goethe's Color Experiments 15

David Adams
H. Biesantz and A. Klingborg: The Goetheanum: Rudolf Steiner's Architectural Impulse 15

Other New Publications 16


Henry Barnes
To the Members of the Anthroposophical Society in America 17

Henry Barnes
Reuther, Barkhoff, and Kerler Visit 18

(several friends)
Erwin Phillips Celebrates His 90th Birthday 18

Charlotte Parker
A Note of Thanks 19

New Members 19

Margaret Barnetson
Ernest Schoenberg 20

Other Members Who Have Crossed the Threshold 20


Manning Goodwin
Arts in the Image of Man, 1979 21

Leon Davies
Western Members’ Conference 21

Rene M. Querido
Work in the Sacramento Area 22

Preston Barker
The Rudolf Steiner Summer Institute 22

Frederick Amrine
Seminar on Waldorf Education in Boston 23

Alice Stamm
The Seventh Artistic Method Workshop, Harlemville 24

Richard Swerling
Spiritual Experiences in Daily Life — in a Hospital 24

Eleanor Hill Edwards
Exhibitions in Sweden, Summer 1980 25

Nathan Melniker
Flashes from the Past — 51 Years Ago 26

Ernst Lehrs
Response to Alan Howard’s Letter 26




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