ASA Newsletter 1984 Summer

By: Gisela O'Neil, Editor

June 21, 1984

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Anthroposophical Society in America

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Rudolf Steiner
How Do I Find the Christ? (Oct. 16, 1918) 2

Gundhild Bock Kacer
The Anthroposophical Society: Name and Task of Member’s Groups — A Historical Study 4

Christof Lindenau
Toward a Spiritual Practice of Thinking— A Guide for the Study of Anthroposophy.
Part I, The Task 9

George O’Neil and Gisela O’Neil
How to Read a Book: A Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, Part VI 13

Brian Gray
Rudolf Steiner: The Tension Between East and West 16


Barbara Betteridge
Rudolf Steiner: The Cycle of the Year as Breathing Process of the Earth 16

Alice Wulsin
Rudolf Steiner: An Occult Physiology 17

Kenneth Melia
Wolfgang Schad, Ed.: Goetheanistische Naturwissenschaft Vol. 3, Zoologie 18

Magda Lissau
H.D. van Goudoever: A Contemplation About Rudolf Steiners Calendar of the Soul 19

Patricia Kaminski
Rudolf Steiner: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future. The Sun Initiation of the Druid Priest and His Moon-Science 19

Douglas Sloan
Rudolf Steiner: The Art of Lecturing 19

Gisela O’Neil
Heinz Mueller: Healing Forces in the Word and Its Rhythms 20

David Bittleston
B. Masters & D. Bittleston, Ed.: Child and Man 21

Maria St. Goar
A. Bittleston & D.T. Jones, Ed.: The Golden Blade 1984 21

Ruth Mariott
Harald Falck-Ytter: Polarlicht 22

Malcolm Gardner
William R. Fix: The Bone Peddlers: Selling Evolution 22

Gisela O’Neil
Hermann Koepke: Das neunte Jahr 23

Stewart C. Easton
Geoffrey Ahern: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and the Western Esoteric Tradition 24

M. K. Maulsby Kimball at Eighty 26
New Members and Members Who Have Died 27

D. Adams & S. Usher
Promotion Efforts of the Anthroposophic Press 28

D.R. Dauenhauer
Anthroposophic Efforts in Seattle, Wash. 28

Maria St. Goar
The Southeastern Regional Group: Overcoming Isolation 29

Barbara Betteridge
Mystery Play Performance in Los Angeles at Easter 29

Patricia Kaminski
Eighth Annual Spring Conference in Fair Oaks, Calif. 30

L.F.C. Mees
A First Impression of America 30

Rudolf Steiner
On Plagiarism: The Story of Max Heindel (June 10, 1917) 31

Notes, Programs, Announcements 32

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