ASA Newsletter 1985 Spring

By: Gisela O'Neil, Editor

March 21, 1985

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Anthroposophical Society in America

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Oskar Kuerten
The Son of Man and the Cosmic Christ 2

Sigfrid Knauer
The Wisdom in Human Illness 4

Christof Lindenau
Toward a Spiritual Practice in Thinking, Part IV
Practical Exercises for the Study of Anthroposophy 7

George O’Neil and Gisela O'Neil
How to Read a Book: A Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, Part VIII 9


Agnes Macbeth
Rudolf Steiner: Christ in the Spiritual World. The Search for the Holy Grail 13

Linda Miller
Rudolf Steiner: Inner Impulses in Evolution: The Mexican Mysteries, The Knights Templar 13

Gisela O’Neil
Walter Kugler, Ed.: Zur Philosophie der Freiheit. Kommentare und Randbemerkungen von Eduard von Hartmann 13

Maria St. Goar
Adolf Arenson: Leitfaden durch 50 Vortragszyklen Rudolf Steiners 14

Christopher Schaefer
Stefan Leber, Ed.: Arbeitslosigkeit 14

Kenneth Melia
L.F.C. Mees: Secrets of the Skeleton. Form in Metamorphosis 15

Michael Winship
Stewart Easton: The Evolution of Human Thinking 16

Lenore Ritscher
Karin Neuschuetz: Lieber spielen als fernsehen! 16

Kenneth Melia
Ottilie Zeller: Bluetenknospen: Verborgene Entwicklungsprozesse im Jahreslauf 17
Henry Ulrich: Baumgestalten 17
Frank Teichmann: Der Mensch und sein Tempel: Megalithkultur in Irland, England und der Bretagne 17
Helmut Kiene: Grundlinien einer essentialen Wissenschaftstheorie: Die Erkenntnistheorie Rudolf Steiners im Spannungsfeld moderner Wissenschaften 17


New Members and Members Who Have Died 18

Howland Vibber
In Memoriam John Philbrick 18

Barbara Betteridge & Nancy & Gordon Poer
In Memoriam Sigfrid Knauer

Maureen Rosset
In Memoriam William Walsh 21

Rudolf Steiner
Gateways to the Departed — The Moments of Going to Sleep and of Waking 21

Bettina Kroth
Remembering Richard Kroth Who Died 25 Years Ago 22


Christa Macbeth
The Work in Speech Formation and Sylvia Baur’s Visit 23

Peter Stebbing
Rudolf Steiner’s Graphic Forms — Their Value on Today’s Books 24

David Hill
Exhibition of Rudolf Steiner’s Architecture in Los Angeles 24

MariJo Rogers
Religious Impulses in Waldorf Education. Conference in Sacramento 25

Herbert Hahn
The Teaching of Religion in Waldorf Schools 26

Erich Gabert
The Cultic Services of Religious Instruction in the Waldorf School and Those of the Christian Community 26

Arvia MacKaye Ege
Albert Steffen and America 27

Christy Barnes and Others
Artistic Method Workshops 28

Nathan Melniker
St. George Book Service — Its History and Contribution 29


Brief Reports, Programs, Announcements, etc. 30



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