ASA Newsletter 1985 Autumn

By: Gisela O'Neil, Editor

September 21, 1985

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Anthroposophical Society in America

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Rudolf Steiner

 “Spirit” and “Soul” Explained to an English Audience, Oxford 1922 - 2

Willi Kux

 Recollections of Rudolf Steiner, 1924—The Christening 4

Christof Lindenau

 Toward a Spiritual Practice in Thinking, Part VI: Toward a Meditative Structuring of Group Study - 5

George O’Neil and Gisela O’Neil

 How to Read a Book: A Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, Part IX - 7

Rudolf Steiner

 On Poetry of the Future, and the Value of Humor—Why a Satire, Berlin 1916 - 9



Agnes Macbeth

 Rudolf Steiner: The Realm of Language and the Lost Unison of Speaking and Thinking - 11

Agnes Macbeth

 Rudolf Steiner: Twelve Moods - 11

Susan Lowndes

 Rudolf Steiner: The Human Soul in Relation to the World Evolution - 11

Patricia Moreell

 Rudolf Steiner: Man’s Being, His Destiny, and World Evolution - 12

Maria St. Goar

 Heten Wilkens: Faust—Freiheit auf dem Weg - 12

Alice Bennett

 Ehrenfried Pfeiffer: Biodynamic Gardening and Farming, Vols. 1,2,3 - 12

Stephen Eberhart

 Arnold Bernhard: Projektive Geometrie - 13

Diane Cohen

 Lois Schroff: A Painter’s Handbook, Experiencing Color Between Darkness and Light - 14

Rose Herbeck

 Hella Krause-Zimmer: Bernward von Hildesheim - 14

Ruth Mariott

 Olaf Koob: Erkennen und Heilen - 15

Jerome Soloway

 Roy Wilkinson: The Interpretation of Fairy Tales and Commentary on the Old Testament - 15

Gisela O’Neil

 Catalogue: Reproduktionen aus dem malerischen Werk von Rudolf Steiner - 15


New Members and Members Who Have Died - 16

John G. Root

 In Memoriam Ernst Daniel - 16

Rudolf Steiner

 Union With the Departed: In the Past and Today, Dornach 1917 - 17

Gladys Hahn

 Glimpses of the Earliest Anthroposophists - 17

Henry B. Monges

 Christmas Conference 1923 Report: The History of the Anthroposophical Society in America - 20


Summer Conferences and Workshops 23

Sandra Doren

 Healing Forces: Movement, Tone, Color, Marlboro, N.H. - 23

Eugene Schwartz

 The Art of Teaching in Grades 1,2,3, Sacramento - 24

Marjorie Spock and Others

 The Second Translator’s Workshop, East Sullivan, Me. - 24

Patricia Kaminski & Stephen M. Johnson

 North American Youth Meeting. Harlemville, NY - 24

Ernst Katz

 The Dornach Youth Center, Progress Report - 25


Announcements 26



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