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Evolving awareness together

This site is sponsored by the Anthroposophical Society in America (ASA), one of dozens of national societies and groups. The ASA’s website is at with links to localities across the USA. There are sites for Canada and Hawai'i, and a full listing of other national contacts and sites.

The General Anthroposophical Society formed in 1923 is online at, The Goetheanum (in Dornach, near Basel, Switzerland) is a major research, educational, and cultural center. There is a lengthy list of events at the Goetheanum in English or with English translation.

Rudolf Steiner described the Anthroposophical Society in its first statute as “a union of human beings who desire to further the life of the soul — both in the individual and in human society — on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world.” At the core of the human soul life is the ‘I’ or self or ego, which is stimulated and awakened by contact with other human individuals. The fundamental powers of the soul are thinking, feeling, and willing, and here too the contrast of the sense and sensibilities and intentions of others is a great incentive to our own development.

Wisdom from the doing

Our growing initiative page is a resource for “applied anthroposophy,” the use of spiritual or consciousness research as pioneered by Steiner to solve problems, meet human needs, and develop ourselves toward the full potential of being human.

Waldorf schools (aka Steiner schools) are just a century old, and they call for exceptional efforts and wide-ranging skills and learning from a whole school community. They often have gardens or connect for teaching purposes with biodynamic farms, which bring intensely practical yet also cosmic insights into the creation of a farm organism which will not only produce food of high quality but will help heal the Earth. BD farms are also often part of intentional communities, from the CSA or “community supported agriculture” model for sustaining a farm to the Camphill communities formed around special needs.

The MDs pictured above created pharmceutical and testing activities to enhance their practices. Multiple art and other therapies support anthroposophic medicine. Trainings for teachers, actors, painters, nurses, movement artists, organization leaders, and social artists are among the many ways self-development and service to the world intersect in initiatives “inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner.”

Growing into a more-human future

Find a “box”—a conventional view or no-longer-conscious paradigm—and Rudolf Steiner was challenging his friends, colleagues, and students to grow beyond its limits. Physical sciences and technologies have developed so far and so fast that a great discrepancy has opened up between their mostly overlooked limitations (for example, quantities but not qualities, measurements but not meanings) and the still-developing capacities of human beings that could overcome those limitations.

We all know about something called “imagination,” and creative artists live by it. But Steiner pointed to a potentially disciplined and objective imagination as an emerging human capacity. Perhaps this would become a power for “seeing” a plant develop from seed through all its metamorphoses not by way of time-lapse photography but within our own consciousness. That could be foundational for experiencing—and collaborating with?—the entire life-process of the Earth, which is suffering so much from our present limitations of consciousness. And so might a stronger “inspiration” guide us into planetary and cosmic meaning, the moral architecture or reality, and a wakeful “intuition” empower us for a new planetary community of collaborating individuals.

The possibilities for study and research are a great open frontier. The School for Spiritual Science is working into this field. Publishers like SteinerBooks make research available, the Rudolf Steiner Library helps collect and organize it. Programs (some listend below) and webinars introduce it to new audiences.

Upcoming events

Who are the honeybees?

A webinar with Spikenard Farms, available free in the ASA gift store with a beautiful slide show and support materials. [Recorded Jan 2018]

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