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Pfeiffer Center Training in Biodynamics

One Year Training - enrollment extended to Oct 12, 2018

A Scientific and Spiritual 
Approach to Farming and Gardening

Biodynamics is a form of organic agriculture that acknowledges and works with both the seen and unseen forces that influence the farmscape, enhancing good stewardship practices such as building soil health and vitality through composting, cover-cropping, and crop rotation. The ideal biodynamic farm generates all the substances and forces it needs to build up and maintain a continuously improving, fertile environment.

Biodynamics is much more than a method. It is a well-reasoned spiritual approach to plant and land care that combines innovative techniques of building up healthy soil with a renewed sensitivity to all the workings of nature on the farm: among and between the soil, plants, animals, and humans — even the very cosmos.

In thirteen full-day workshops from September to June, the Pfeiffer Center’s One-Year Part-Time Practical Training in Biodynamics covers the basic principles and all the timely activities of biodynamic agriculture through the seasons.