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Summer Eurythmy Week 2019! Polarities and Balance: An Exploration in Eurythmy [Chestnut Ridge, NY: Sunday Aug 11 - Fri Aug 16]

Summer Eurythmy Week 2019 will be an exploration of polarities in nature and the human soul. We will discover the balancing element of human activity through movement, creative speech, nature observation, and biodynamic gardening.

In tone eurythmy, we will experience the way harmony in music expresses itself through the breathing of the human soul in major, minor… and even in dissonance! Through Rudolf Steiner’s eurythmy forms for the Calendar of the Soul, we will discover the dynamic interplay of the human being and the world. Evening activities, shared meals, and outings will complement our week-long immersion into the art of eurythmy. Beginners very welcome. We hope to see you! 

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