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The Foundation Stone Meditations and the Stars Workshop

Kolisko Institute Annual Conference

The Christmas Conference of December 1923/January 1924, and the resulting esoteric impulses flowing from it, are the pinnacle of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

During the Christmas Conference, R. Steiner gave the Foundation Stone (FS) Meditation and the meditations for its seven Rhythms for every day of the week. He hoped that they “would never leave us again”. They are essential for our connection with the Being of Anthroposophia.  

Connecting and practicing with these impulses helps us to make any anthroposophical endeavor more fruitful –whether it be personal or community oriented.

What are our main themes?

  • We will continue the work started last year but will pay particular attention this time to the correspondences between the FS and the Stars. Rudolf Steiner emphasized during the Christmas Conference that the words of these verses specifically correspond to star constellations:
    • What are these star constellations? How can we find them?
    • Can they lead us to a better understanding of and reaching meditatively the Christ in the Etheric?
    • Can we go from there and search the correspondence of these constellations all the way into the world of the substance?
    • Can we apply these ideas practically in our daily life?
  • We will also catch up on this year’s research at the Kolisko Institute –remedies, therapeutic principles, basic research, etc.
  • Among the many eurythmy exercises which we will practice (and which are meant to be continued at home) are:
    • The eurythmy of the zodiac and the planets- will be particularly helpful especially after we have learned how to find the stars at any time of the day. (Very practical. This should be one of the main reasons for wanting to come. Being taught how to do the forms and gestures – artistic and curative eurythmy- cannot be learned by “digital media”.)
    • Moving eurythmy of selected sections of the FS.
    • Additionally – a very special curative eurythmy session will be devoted to learning a sequence given by R. Steiner for the prevention of colds and flus.

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