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The Transformative Power of the Foundation Stone Meditation in Man and Society

Meeting the Essence of Anthroposophy, at the Goetheanum [Dec 27-31]

International Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum

With this international conference, held in German and English, we intend to facilitate an experience of mutual deepening and concentration of our work with the Foundation Stone Meditation, in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the new founding of the Anthroposophical Society.  We took this up with renewed focus at the Goetheanum World Conference in 2016 and suggested it as the annual Motif of the Year for the various national societies and working groups. 

For many people Christmas is family time, but in their special quality, the Holy Nights may also enable new steps to be taken in a spiritual sense, steps that are so essential for the further development of the Anthroposophical Society, the School of Spiritual Science and humanity at large.

With heartfelt greetings, in the name of the preparation group, Stefan, Paul, Jaap and Joan