Autism and Waldorf Education: a three-day workshop at High Mowing School

With Aonghus Gordon, of Ruskin Mill Trust

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until lunch November 18, 19 and 20 there will be a course given at High Mowing School on the topic of Autism and Waldorf Education.  The course will be given by Aonghus Gordon and Constantin Court from England.

Aonghus has created eight colleges in the UK for youth at risk that is based on Biodynamic Agriculture and an integrated crafts curriculum.  Constantin has done the same for younger children at the Brantwood School in England.

Please find the program attached below.

This course is without a fee due to a generous donation.

Please note that attendance of the course involves a commitment to the full time span. 
No one will be admitted after the first day.  Thanks for your understanding.

If you wish to attend the course please RSVP to Alice Groh email:

Although prior knowledge is not a requirement, it should be understood that this course will be based on an Anthroposophical view of the human being and the cosmos.