Amaranth Eurythmy Theater in Kimberton Hills, PA [Sat, Mar 23, 7:30pm]

Amaranth Eurythmy Theater presents a Program in Rose Hall, Kimberton Hills, of Eurythmy Speech and Drama created by Christina Beck and Beatrice Voigt

"I Go Where I Love" traces the unique life and work of the 20th century poet H.D.{Hilda Doolittle,1886-1961}.Throughout her tumultuous life, H.D. met experiences that led her to an awareness of a spiritual presence that is never absent. These experiences, culminating during world War II, found expression in the poetry cycle “Trilogy”, which has been called one of the most beautiful and profound mystical works in the English language. Hilda’s scholarly and artistic work has deep roots in the Egyptian and Greek Mysteries, in particular Ephesus. In 1960 she received the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award of Merit medal. The program features excerpts from her life and poetry interspersed with works by Arvo Part, Mozart and a text from Rudolf Steiner


“...Only individuals with this degree of life and creative experience, discipline, grace and spiritual evolution could create such harmony, such an eradication of ego. I felt the dancer and voice [sublimely attuned] were one creature. I was transported, transformed and enlightened with the most powerful yet fragile beauty imaginable. The subtle repitition of the texts [ H.D. and Steiner] coupled with the mesmerizing dance had me spellbound. The work is deeply rooted yet ethereal. This is the first time I’ve experienced eurythmy. This is a healing art.”

“Thank You for your beautiful artistic exploration of HD and her relationship with the divine feminine, the Sophia.It was truly heart warming and a whole organism from beginning to end. I equally enjoyed the workshops with you both the following morning.”

“ Our children had such joy from the children’s program that was brought...’

“ What a new sort of experience it was for me! To see music represented visually that way was both fascinating and emotionally compelling at the same time.”

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