ATHENA Therapeutic Eurythmy Dental Conference, with Mareike Kaiser, Austria [Portland, OR: Sun July 21 - Sat July 27]

This conference is for all therapeutic eurythmists (trained and in training) as well as dentists and physicians.

Therapeutic Eurythmy

Eurythmy was first created in 1912 as a form of artistic expression and, soon after, as a means to support healthy development in children. Steiner also recognized the significant therapeutic possibilities within eurythmy. In 1921, working closely with a group of physicians and eurythmists, he developed its potential to address underlying imbalances that are at the root of illness.

Therapeutic eurythmists view illness as a unique possibility for transformation within the individual. The whole human being is taken into consideration – not only the bodily condition but also emotional and spiritual aspects. This view reflects the insights of anthroposophic medicine, an integrative approach to health also developed by Steiner. Anthroposophic physicians complete a full, conventional medical education as well as additional training in the field. Therapeutic eurythmists work closely with an anthroposophic physician when possible.

Therapeutic eurythmy invites you to be an active participant in your own healing. To find a therapeutic eurythmy practitioner recognized by ATHENA, the Association for Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America, visit our directory page.

Mareike Kaiser...

has many years of experience with working in this field and is now traveling worldwide to share her work. In the summer of 2020 she will return to complete her course. In this part of the course the dentist Claus Haupt will be joining Mareike, bringing his insight into the understanding of the spiritual significance of the teeth and their development.

Mareike Kaiser was born 1950 in Soltau, Germany. She completed three years of the Christian Community Priest seminar in Stuttgart, Germany, before pursuing her training as a eurythmist and eurythmy therapist in Vienna, which she completed in 1978. After raising three of her own children, she began to teach eurythmy in the Waldorf School in Graz in 1988 As a eurythmy therapist she came across an increasing demand to work with children with teeth problems. In 1993 she began to work with Claus Haupt, and they have since developed an approach to assessing children and their teeth which includes working with the birth horoscope. Mareike has also completed a training in counseling. Besides continuing to teach eurythmy to children and work therapeutically, she teaches in a community college and offers courses for Eurythmy Therapists in various countries to extend their knowledge of exercises for the teeth. In 2007 she co-founded the Ita-Wegman Centre in Graz.

Claus Haupt was born 1946 in Bad Duben, Germany. He completed his training as a dentist in 1971. In 1983 he began deepening his study of Anthroposophy together with a group of other dentists and this led him to an understanding of the spiritual significance of the teeth and their development. After establishing a private practice in Munich in 1985 he began to work together with eurythmy therapists, art therapists and speech therapists and worked in a number of Steiner Waldorf schools. He regularly visits the Waldorf School in Graz, Austria to assess the children’s teeth and work together with Mareike Kaiser.