Biography and Social Art Certificate Program [New cycle begins July 29, 2019, Chestnut Ridge, NY]

We are looking for people who want to bring new imaginations of human life and connectedness into the world.

We have found that the magic of three is the rhythm best suited to developing a deep relationship to this way of working. Over the course of three years we explore first what it is to be Human through gender, the four temperaments, the seven soul types and the twelve senses. In the second year we bring ever more attention to our interface with others as we research together the phases of human development, practice facilitating experiences for others and guide biographical conversations. The third year we take a look at the big picture of human evolution through art and the theme of thresholds as individuals are preparing to present their projects for completion. Each year we meet as a group three times; two weeks in the summer and one week each in the fall and in late winter or early spring.  

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Year One

Block 1 – July 29- August 9, 2019   Fourfold Imaginations of Life- temperaments, elements, seasons
Block 2 – November 7-11, 2019   Time and Gender
Block 3 – March 9-13, 2020   The Twelve Senses
Location: Threefold Educational Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY

The Biography and Social Art Program is a unique, part-time training for individuals interested in a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.  Practicing the art of human encounter, along with inner work, is preparation for leading others toward new possibilities of connecting with life in richer and more meaningful ways.

THE BIOGRAPHY AND SOCIAL ART TRAINING PROGRAM is for people who wish to become biography and social art facilitators or to enhance their current work with a deeper attention to biographical themes. The training involves engaging more deeply with one’s own and other’s life stories, with the world around us, and with ideas of an evolving universe. We take up nature observation, inner work, journaling, artistic media, communication skills and the social artistry of becoming human with the goal of awakening new capacities. The comprehensive nature of this way of working provides an experiential foundation for the picture of human development outlined by Rudolf Steiner. Whether you are new to anthroposophy ‐ “wisdom of the human being” ‐ or have been studying for years, this way of working brings new life and meaning to the idea and practice of an evolving path of consciousness.

It is fundamental to this work that we come together in person, as our emphasis is on finding and cultivating the creative human spirit through the mystery of human encounter. Although we use modern technology to stay in touch, we find there is still no substitute for working together in real time and space.

The Biography and Social Art Program is a member of the International Trainer’s Forum, which is made up of representatives from biographical training programs around the world. Participants are awarded a certificate, recognized by the School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland upon completion of all phases of the training.

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