Color, Composition, Contemplation - Free Columbia Intensives [Mon-Fri Jan 20-24, Hillsdale, NY]

a year-long, low-residency course in 4 week-long sessions, with Laura Summer, in the basic lawfulness of color and composition

Color, Composition, Contemplation
a year-long, low-residency course in 4 week-long sessions
October 20-24 (Sunday-Thursday)
January 20-24 (Monday-Friday)
April 20-24 (Monday-Friday)
July 6-10 (Monday-Friday)

In 2019-2020 Free Columbia will offer a series of  5  day intensives with Laura Summer in the basic lawfulness of color and composition. What is it to devote ourselves to something? What happens when we give our attention using artistic practice? Does our work open up and develop in unexpected directions? How can we enter the realm of qualities and create here? How can we work with text, poetry, contemplation?
Using many media including watercolor, charcoal, ink, block printing, poetry, and surface collage we will explore these questions together.
For years people have told us that they wished they could come to the painting course at Free Columbia but they could not move to New York for a full time year. This course is an attempt to meet this need. There will be a series of four, 5 day intensives. We will explore and exercise our capacities in the quality realm. How is blue different from red? How much weight is needed to balance the painting? How can we translate from word to color? This course is open to both experienced and new painters. We will work together for a week and then work further at home for the intervening 3 months. Then we will reconvene and see what has happened. The course will include art observation and field trips as we develop our community of artists. There will be individual work to do between sessions and the studio at Free Columbia will be available during the year. Enrollment is limited to 8 people. Tuition is on a sliding scale.

For more information visit or contact Laura Summer at or (518) 672-7302.