Dancing with the Land, with Sally Voris [Common Ground on the Hill, Westminster, MD: July 8-12]

Biodynamic Farmer Sally Voris presents a morning human arts lecture during Tradition Weeks 2019

Dancing with the Land: Biodynamic Gardening
In 1924, Rudolf Steiner initiated biodynamic agriculture, a spiritual approach that works with the forces of nature and develops a farmer's sensitive nature. The approach produces food that pops with flavor and vitality; it helps people become grounded and centered within themselves. Sally Voris will share basic ideas and practice of this approach through story, movement, and hands-on activities. Wear comfortable clothes and expect to get your hands in the dirt! 

Sally Voris discovered biodynamic agriculture in 2005 after she moved to Carroll County. She had been a gardener, writer and storyteller. She now practices the art of agriculture and delights in sharing this art with others at White Rose Farm near Taneytown, Maryland. The Biodynamic Association recognized her as a mentor farmer in 2012. She now mentors volunteers informally and hosts educational programs and seasonal events.