From Mouth to Ear: Listening to the Spirit in the Digital Age [Sunday Feb 16, 2pm, Portland OR]

with Dr. Adam Blanning

Sponsored by the School of Spiritual Science and the Portland Branch of the Anthroposophical Society
Fourth in the series on The School of Spiritual Science

Sunday, February 16, 2 PM
Bothmer Hall
5919 SE Division Street 
Portland OR 97206

Suggested Donation: $10-$20

Adam Blanning, MD practices in Denver, Colorado. He works as a consultant to Waldorf schools, teaches widely about child development and therapeutic support for children, and directs the U.S. physician’s training programs in Anthroposophic medicine. He is also president of the Anthroposophic Health Society (

Dr. Blanning writes about his subject:

“There is something very special about the human voice, a unique part of our individuality matched only by our capacity to listen. Speaking and listening help build a pathway to imaginations that we do not find so commonly in our everyday life. In fact, in our highly technological society, more and more of life has become sharing which only involves screens and eyes--with what was previously always spoken language abstracted into ever shorter messages of emails, texts, and tweets. It is not so easy to find spaces to truly listen.

“In the mystery schools, knowledge was always conveyed ‘from mouth to ear.’ This could be interpreted as simply a means for keeping things secret, for making sure that something was not written down so that it was protected from being shared or seen in ways which could not be controlled. But in truth, this pathway of ‘mouth to ear’ relates much more to the physiology of hearing and how that process works specifically within the will. This presentation will share the unique aspects of listening and how this relates to both the class activities of the School for Spiritual Science as well as Steiner’s advice on meditation to medical students in the Course for Young Doctors.”