Inner and Outer Work Towards Spirit-Led Community [Friday, May 17, 7pm, the Hadley (MA) Waldorf School]

A talk by Lisa Romero on insights from the inner work as related to community life.

A talk by Lisa Romero

The inner work provides accessible insights into the workings of the human soul, outlines its relationship to the spiritual life, and shows the way to develop and strengthen our inner capacities through practical exercises, experience, and deep understanding. In community life we learn consciously and unconsciously from each other; and we need to be able to elicit the individuality in the other. This weekend will also focus on how to perceive, support and elicit the true nature of the individual human being from childhood to adulthood. We will explore the changing role and the need for new community responsibility, that can provide young people with what is needed in the growing self-consciousness and separation that they are facing specifically around their questions and the role and influence of technology, gender and sexuality. We will look at how young people can be supported within a community that respects, encourages and expands each individual’s qualities as the basis for the modern rites of passage into adulthood.

LISA ROMERO is an author of anthroposophical inner development books and an adult educator who has been delivering education enriched with anthroposophy for over 20 years. Since 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Steinerbooks has published her 5 books including 'The Inner Work Path' which focuses on meditation practice; 'Developing the Self' written after years of working with Waldorf teachers to support their inner work and pedagogical understanding of child development; 'Living Inner Development' which offers an understanding of the inner experiences and of the results of various exercises; ‘Sex Education and the Spirit’; and ‘Spirit-led Community’.

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