Kaspar Hauser and the Grail: a Festival [Oct 31- Nov 3, Columbia County, NY]

After hosting a successful Kaspar Hauser Festival in autumn 2017, the four Camphill Communities in Columbia County (Camphill Village Copake, Triform Camphill Community, Camphill Hudson and Camphill Ghent) will host a second Kaspar Hauser Festival this autumn.

The organizing group of the festival would like to invite you to the festival this autumn. We will explore the historical and spiritual significance of Kaspar Hauser in today’s twenty-first century world. The theme of the festival will be “Kaspar Hauser and the Grail.”

Eckart Boehmer and Richard Steel will return to Columbia County as festival presenters. Those who participated in the festival in 2017 know Eckart and Richard. Eckart Boehmer is an organizer of the bi-annual Kaspar Hauser Festival in Ansbach, Germany. He is the founder of the festival, and has organized the Kaspar Hauser Festival in Ansbach ten times in the last twenty-one years. He is also the director of the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle www.kaspar-hauser.net/en/index.html in Berlin, Germany. Much research about Kaspar Hauser has been taking up by the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle in the recent years. Richard Steel is the director of Karl Konig Institute.  The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle is part of Karl Konig Institute, and Richard is also a member of the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle.  

Also, we have confirmed that Penelope Baring from Camphill Communities California and Alan Thewless, an Astrosopher, will also be the festival presenters.  Also, Glen Williamson will perform again his play “Kaspar Hauser: The Open Secret of the Foundling Prince” just as he did in 2017. And there will be artistic activities, conversation groups and other artistic offerings as part of the festival.

We have a website for the festival. Please visit www.kasparhauserfestival.net for festival updates.  At the website you will also be able to see photos and read articles about the festival in 2017. A group in California (Camphill Communities California and Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Anthroposophical Society hosted a Kaspar Hauser Festival in California this year from March 29-31. Eckart Boehmer and Richard Steel were also presenters there. You can read about the west coast festival here .

Please contact Takeshi Suesada for more information about the Kaspar Hauser Festival and tell him if you would like to receive a monthly e-newsletter about the festival.  You can also register online through our KasparHauserFestival.net website.

David Schwartz, Tim Paholak and Stephen Steen are forming a study group to prepare for the Kaspar Hauser Festival.  The group will meet four times between June and September. The place will be the Hall at Camphill Ghent and the time will be 7 p.m.  All four meetings are Monday evenings. The Dates are the following:

  • June 10 (Whit Monday)
  • July 08
  • August 12
  • September 09

It is not necessary to be able to attend all four sessions.  People may come to one or all as they are able.

The study for the first session will be the lecture by Rudolf Steiner, Christ at the Time of the Mystery of Golgotha and Christ in the Twentieth Century, May 02, 1913, London. This lecture is one of the only places the English reader can learn about the Fifth Deed of Christ.  The May 02, 1913 lecture is published currently in The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours, Anthroposophical Press.

For further information about the study group email David Schwartz - Contact information in the Chanticleer June 2019.