"Listening to our Time, Speaking to the Stars" - Emerson College Alumni Gatherin [August 7-11, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK]

If you have ever studied or worked at Emerson College, you are warmly invited to four days of sharing, celebration, artistic work and collaborative enquiry.

  • These present times challenge our image of what it means to be human. What are they asking of us and of the worldwide community connected with Emerson College? 
  • How can we deepen our insights into the forces of destiny that brought us to Emerson, which have led and will lead us forward?
  • How can we develop ways of living, learning and working together that enable us to meet the future with hope and trust?

The programme will include:

  • Times for meditative alignment 
  • Space for participants to share their Emerson-inspired initiatives 
  • Sessions of artistic work in a wide range of disciplines
  • Inspiring presentations on the theme
  • Dialogue groups practicing observation and awakening to destiny
  • Nature walks (guided or not!) and practical work on the estate
  • Open spaces for social (re-)connecting
  • Performances of many kinds
  • Opportunity to hear about and contribute to the future picture of the College

There will be some suggested pre-reading material to deepen our approach to the enquiry.  The detailed programme will be collaboratively developed to include a wide range of contributions by participants – leading artistic sessions, sharing their initiatives, offering mini-performances, sensing and thinking together.  We are sure that the many gifts which alumni bring will ensure a rich, warm and inspiring experience.

This approach will allow us to keep the costs modest: we propose a contribution of £170 per person (plus board and lodging): if some participants are able to pay more, we can offer reductions to others who are less able to pay. 

Event Details

  • When:Wednesday, 07 August 2019
  • Times: 4pm Wednesday 7th to 2pm Sunday 11th Aug 2019

    Suggested Contribution:£170 (plus board & lodging)*

    *15% deposit payable, remainder by 1 June 2019 

    Where: Emerson College, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

    Booking: Please click here to book

    For more information about the Gathering please contact Linda Churnside:


Image: ‘Looking Back & Forward’ carved glass triptych by Jonathan Soper