MysTech Online Study Group [Weekly at two times, from April 8, 2019]

A detailed study of mechanical occultism and how technology affects human and cosmic evolution, with Andrew Linnell

You are invited to join the online MysTech Study Group.
It starts April 8th and continues for 10 Mondays.
Participants come from all over the world.

In order to accommodate time zones around the world, there will be TWO different groups:  

  1. Group EU meets at 3:30 pm ET [7:30 pm GMT (UTC), 8:30 pm CET] 
  2. Group NA meets at 8:30 pm ET. 

You may join the group with the most convenient time for you. 

We have found that voice-only is good but when we see each other, group bonding is stronger. We will be using Zoom for our video conferencing platform. It is free and easy to use and it will not be invading privacy or retaining data about participants. 

We are limiting enrollment to twelve. If you would like to join, please email Andrew Linnell by March 28th at We will continue to add participants until we reach twelve.

Attached is a syllabus for the study group. All registered participants will also get a free copy of the MysTech Study Guide before the study group begins. Please do not forward this study guide if you receive it.

Each session will last one hour. We will cover one or two lectures by Rudolf Steiner per session. Occasionally, we will look at the general state of the technology but most of such broadening studies will be done in the Advanced Study Group that happens once per year. Here we already have a lot to cover as you can see in the syllabus. There is much more for one who wants to explore the Further Readings.

Nearly 100 people have participated in these study groups since we launched these studies. The groups have been engaging with participants keeping up with the readings, yet coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We've been very excited by the exceptional quality of the work so far.