Rudolf Steiner Health Center - Therapeutic Retreat [October 14-23, Ann Arbor, MI]

Learn about internships, detox weekends, therapeutic retreats, and medically-supervised fasting at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center.

Retreat Oct 14-23rd

Our two-week intensive therapeutic session is designed for ambulatory individuals with a variety of ailments, chronic illnesses, or anyone seeking a restorative regimen. Our patients have suffered chronic fatigue, recovery from chemotherapy, arthritis, stroke, MS, digestive issues and many other problems. Many of our patients receive Mistletoe, an anthroposophical homeopathic cancer treatment.  As a patient, you will receive individual medical care from founding physicians Quentin McMullen, MD and Molly McMullen-Laird, MD. Both physicians were trained in Internal Medicine in the United States and in Anthroposophical Medicine in Europe.

A unique feature of our therapeutic sessions is the availability of anthroposophical therapies: therapeutic eurythmy, speech formation, art therapy, color-light, music, rhythmical massage, therapeutic baths, and nursing therapies. A talented, dedicated team of therapists, under the medical direction of Drs. Molly and Quentin McMullen, create an unparalleled healing environment.

Fasting Nov 8-10

A simple fast can reset the mind, body, and immune system and leave you feeling more energetic and better prepared to fend off illness.  Our fasting weekends are physician supervised and located at the historic Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Ann Arbor, MI.


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