The Foundation Stone Meditations and the New Mysteries [Oct 17-20, 2019, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Kolisko Institute Annual Conference

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In order to help achieve an atmosphere conducive to conversation on esoteric topics we have decided to limit the number of participants so we suggest registering as soon as possible.

The so called “Foundation Stone Conference” of December 1923/January 1924, and the resulting esoteric impulses flowing from it, is the pinnacle of Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric work.

Connecting ourselves with these impulses is essential if we want to realize anthroposophy in our daily practical activities.

Rudolf Steiner attaches such importance to the meditations of the Foundation Stone Conference that he asks that these meditations “may never leave us again”.

(He doesn’t say that often or anywhere else for that matter.)

We started this work several years ago and will continue again this year.

  • We will review some of the aspects covered before
    • connection to the stars
    • metamorphosis
    • practical applications
  • Discuss new research that has come to light since last year
    • This is perhaps the most important part where we enter the relationship to the New Mysteries
  • Understand important medical aspects and therapies connected to the topic
  • Practice eurythmy
    • Practice eurythmy forms of the Foundation Stone
    • Practice the eurythmy of the zodiac and the planets- will be particularly helpful especially after we have learned how to find the stars at any time of the day. (Very practical. This should be one of the main reasons for wanting to come. Being taught how to do the forms and gestures – artistic and curative eurythmy- cannot be learned by “digital media”)
  • Present some of the Kolisko Institute research and educational activities
  • Engage in lively discussion groups
  • Enjoy evening performances by our extraordinary artists
  • Additional information specific to this year’s conference will be sent to the registered participants: more detailed information on the schedule and literature suggested to be studied before the conference. We hope this will help to deepen the experience.

We would also like to invite contributions to the theme from guests. (This is indeed an infinite theme and we are sure that there a lot of friends who have spent many hours of labor of love on this topic. If you have a presentation to make, please call us at the Institute (262)912-0970 ext 5, and we will see if we can accommodate your contribution into the program.)

Main contributing faculty (for now):

  • Ross Rentea MD
  • Mark Kamsler MD
  • Andrea Rentea MD
  • Eurythmists led by Barbara Bresette-Mills
  • The specific name of others to be announced

We hope to see you there, 

The Kolisko Institute Team


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