The Harmony of the Spheres as a Healing Factor in Tone Eurythmy Therapy, with Jan Ranck [Wed, Oct 9, 7pm, Rudolf Steiner Branch - Chicago]

Insights and experiences of Tone Eurythmy in advance of a ten-day intensive course, for music lovers and all who help heal and seek healing

Jan Ranck, Founding Director of the Jerusalem Eurythmy Ensemble and the Jerusalem Academy of Eurythmy, will introduce some of the aspects of the Art of Tone and Speech Eurythmy and their application in therapy.

This evening event will provide a sample taste of the work which will be done in the Intensive Course on Tone Eurythmy Therapy which she will be holding in Chicago from October 10th – 19th for eurythmysts, musicians, physicians and all others who help heal or seek healing.

$10 suggested donations. For more information contact Andrei Onegin at