Tone Eurythmy Therapy - Intensive Course with Jan Ranck [Oct 10-19, Chicago IL]

For music lovers and all who help heal and seek healing

Tone Eurythmy Therapy Intensive Course, with Jan Ranck

Founding Director of the Jerusalem Eurythmy Ensemble and the Jerusalem Academy of Eurythmy

In Rudolf Steiner’s lectures Eurythmy as Visible Music he repeatedly indicated that elements of this new art of movement could be effective as therapy. Inspired by the examples he provided, eurythmist Lea van der Pals and medical doctor Margarete Kirchner-Bockholt worked together in the late 1950s to develop a sequence of exercises in connection with the diseases discussed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman in their book Extending Practical Medicine, Fundamentals of Therapy.

While this professional course is for eurythmy therapists and medical doctors, the insights it provides into the human being and the deeply transformative effect it has on the participant can benefit and enrich the life and work of artists, teachers, music, art, and physical therapists, as well as the student or lay enthusiast. All are welcome to attend. The exercises consist of tone eurythmy in its purest form and their effectiveness has been proven in practice.

Information and registration: 
(708) 712-6173

Chicago, Illinois
2135 West Wilson Ave.
October 10th–19th, 2019