What is the Earth Asking of Us? Natural Science Section conference [November 13-17, Ann Arbor, MI]

The Human Soul and the Earth in Crisis. Changing our Thinking about Climate Change.

November 13-17, 2019
Rudolf Steiner House, Ann Arbor, MI

Registration is now open for our up-coming annual Natural Science Section Conference, “What is the Earth Asking of Us? The Human Soul and the Earth in Crisis.” We are very pleased to announce that Johannes Kühl, Leader of the Natural Science Section in Dornach, will be with us again this year. He will bring his physics background on fluid dynamics out of his previous work at the Max Planck Institut für Strömungsforschung in Göttingen, Germany and his work with Anthroposophy to our understanding of humanity and climate. That this conference is taking place in Ann Arbor, where the Natural Science Section in North America was founded, will provide a natural opportunity to look back in gratitude at what has been achieved and look forward to what is being envisioned to meet the evident needs of our time.

The conference will unfold through lectures, conversations on the themes, demonstrations and reports from Section members. This conference must be seen as a beginning, but from this will come thoughts to lead us forward with courage, vision, and commitment as we strive for a positive human/earth evolution. The conference will open with a summary of modern climate science, lead us through consideration of both phenomenological and esoteric aspects of human and earth evolution, and end with practical next steps. Recognizing how economic forces have shaped the modern climate, this conference also includes speakers and discussion leaders having expertise in business and economics, including Steiner’s work in economics.

For details about the conference, background material, registration, schedule, and housing:

It is the intention of this conference to collectively process available information from climate science, spiritual science, indigenous knowledge, evolutionary history, the nature of the elements and etheric forces, and economic/political forces. What will come next year will be shaped by our learning and thinking together this year.

Preparation: We invite everyone—whether you may attend or not—to engage in this work. A compilation of background material, including books, lectures, scientific articles, and selected news reports is posted on our conference webpage. Please, anyone familiar with any of these materials, or other sources, submit commentary review or noteworthy remarks directed toward our conference topics (see attached flyer) for publication in our Correspondenceto: editor@remove-this.naturalsciencesection.remove-this.org. This will serve as preparation for the conference and extend these efforts beyond the conference itself.

We look forward to seeing many friends as we gather at Rudolf Steiner House.

The Steering Committee:
John Barnes, Judie Erb, Jennifer Greene, Barry Lia, Andrew Linnell, Gopi Krishna Vijaya