Who are the honeybees?

A webinar with Spikenard Farms, available free in the ASA gift store with a beautiful slide show and support materials. [Recorded Jan 2018]

Who Are The Honey Bees? with Alex Tuchman and Gunther Hauk. Recorded: Wednesday, January 31, 2018, available at no charge in the ASA store.

A huge thank you to Gunther Hauk and Alex Tuchman for presenting, and a special thanks to AWSNA for co-sponsoring with the Anthroposophical Society in America.

Your free link page will connect  you to the video recording, an audio only file, the glorious slides from the webinar, a honeybee Forage Chart (PDF), a NASA chart of bee forage regions, Spikenard workshops and products like 2018 bee forage seeds, and honeybee healing tea and feeding instructions (PDF).