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Welcome to the Eastern Region - Northeast Area

Our only role as representatives for the Northeast area of the Anthroposophical Society is to support the life of anthroposophy in New England. We aspire to connect members and friends of anthroposophy with the many initiatives taking place in our area and to encourage you to take part! While we have no legal or administrative duties, we do carry news of the life of anthroposophy in New England to the General Council. In this way, we become part of the larger life of anthroposophy in the United States.

We hope that you find what you are looking for here. Many study groups are meeting throughout New England. Please contact your state representative to learn where they are.


David, Cecilia, Cordelia, Paule, Anne & Amy

Northeast Area Representatives

David Mansur — email

New Hampshire:
Cecilia Leigh  — email

Cordelia Lane — email

Paule Bezaire — email

Anne Bingham — email

Rhode Island:
Amy Lloyd Rippe — email

Minutes of the Eastern Region Holding Group

(meeting to represent the whole Eastern region: Angela Foster, Sheena Nicole, Gino ver Eecke, Cathy Green, Dave Mansur, Luigi Morelli)

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Eastern Region Newsletter Digest - link

This “Newsletter Digest” is an evolving tool for newsletter / spreading of information and collaboration in the eastern region. At the moment it allows you to access articles, artistic contributions, reports and calendar events (only those concerning the whole eastern region) of the latest newsletter issues in the region.
At present you will see the listing of the newsletters and the contact information of the editors. The first section is the digest proper with a paragraph about the offerings. After the intro the second section offers the whole contribution.

Newsletter Resources - link

The “Newsletter Resources” is a germinating idea that offers you resources taken from outside the newsletters: short articles, blogs, reports of initiatives, other. It is at the very beginning stages; your suggestions and contributions are welcome (Luigi at lrm58@remove-this.hotmail.remove-this.com

New England Gallery

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Northeast Activities & Initiatives

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