Bridging Natural Science and Spiritual Science - conference in Spring Valley, NY

Public lectures and annual conference of the Natural Science / Math & Astronomy Sections [ Nov 7-11 ]

Public Lectures and Conference with Dr. Peter Heusser of Witten/Herdecke University, Germany, Author of Anthroposophy and Science

  • Is there a place for the spirit in physics and chemistry?
  • On the importance of epistemology for natural science.
  • Is there a chemical or genetic explanation of life?
  • A closer look on causality and agency in modern biology.
  • Does the brain cause consciousness?
  • A way out of neurobiology’s current dogma
  • From natural science to spiritual science.
  • Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to the evolution of science

Reading: Dr. Heusser’s new book, Anthroposophy and Science, An Introduction will be the basis for our study. This book establishes the epistemological foundation for modern science. It defends anthroposophical spiritual science as an empirical science.

Registration, Meals and Housing: Forms and information are at

Comment: A revolution has begun within Science. It is seeking to push open the previous century’s boundaries. It seeks Spiritual Science.

Thursday 9 am to 4 pm devoted to work for members of the School for Spiritual Science.

Planning Group: John Barnes, Judith Erb, Jennifer Greene, Barry Lia, Andrew Linnell, Gopi Vijaya.
Where: Threefold Education Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY
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