Connecting to the Angelic Realm - Anthroposophical Meditation Workshop [Thurs March 12, New York, NY]

with Agnes Hardorp and Thomas Mayer

Anthroposophy NYC, 138 West 15th Street, New York, NY 10011

1:30 - 4:30 pm - Introduction to anthroposophic meditation

We will become familiar with Rudolf Steiner`s approach to meditation which meets the western mind quite differenty from many forms of meditation originating in the east. The work always involves a heightening of consciousness, becoming more awake through the focus on an object, an inner picture, or a text before releasing this and seeing what “wants to happen.” This has a very rejuvenating and empowering effect. We will do many different exercises, always followed by a sharing of our experiences.

6 - 9 pm - Connecting to the angelic realm

After some introductory meditations, we will do a powerful meditation given by Rudolf Steiner to connect us to the angelic realm. We will explore our auric spaces as places of resonance leading up to this meditation. There will be a short session of Alexander Technique where we will lie on the floor, so please bring a mat or blanket if you can.

Suggested donation: $25 for one, $45 for both sessions

Agnes Hardorp was born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in the United States. She has worked as a professional singer, voice teacher, pianist and eurythmist. Since 2004 she has been teaching courses in Anthroposophical Meditation all around Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria.

Thomas Mayer was born in Kempten, Germany. He was co-founder and director of „More Democracy“ and has organized many local referendums in Germany and Switzerland. He has published three books on elemental beings/nature spirits. Since 2004 he has been teaching meditation together with Agnes.

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