Four Mystery Dramas - Spirituality, Fear and Health [with special youth offer; July 29-August 4, Goetheanum]

We are happy to inform you of our special offer for youth: CHF 250.- tickets for youth up to the age of 35 to attend the conference "Spirituality - Fear and Health" and the Mystery Dramas, from the 29 July - 4 August 2019.

The 250CHF ticket includes accommodation and meals for the whole week. With this ticket you can attend the 4 dramas in the main auditorium of the Goetheanum, and the activities of the parallel conference “Spirituality: Fear and Health” organised as a collaboration between the General Anthroposophical Section,Medical Sectionand Youth Section at the Goetheanum with the Goetheanum's Stage.

The conference will offer lectures, artistic workshops and activities for all. The Youth Section has a special programme for youth during the conference both in German and English!


The plays follow the lives of Johannes, Maria and others who, in their individual paths of self-knowledge, learn about the power of the law of reincarnation and karma. As the characters' present life experiences unfold and thanks to the guidance of their spiritual teacher Benedictus, they begin to understand the deep mysteries contained in the relationships they have with each other.

The performances will take place in the original language (German) without translation. The conference's talks will have English translation and workshops will be in German and English.

During the conference, the General Anthroposophical Section, Medical Section and Youth Section at the Goetheanum will offer a morning programme to complement the dramas in the afternoon and evenings.


In the plays, the characters tell us that health should be one of the results coming out of spiritual practice. But, what does it mean to be healthy today? What role does sickness play in the path of self-knowledge? What makes us sick and what improves our physical, social and spiritual wellbeing?

In the Youth Section's conversation groups we will explore questions like these, and the role that fear plays in relation to health and spirituality. We will also look at the Goetheanum and its surroundings, to learn more about the School of Spiritual Science.


Together, we hope to create a welcoming atmosphere for all young people who wish to experience the wonders of art, to explore relevant social questions today and take in the beauty of the Goetheanum campus and its nature.

We hope to see you here at the end of July!
The Youth Section at the Goetheanum's team

The mystery drama performances are in German with no translation available; the Youth Section workshops will be in English and German.

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