Goethean Science Geology Conference [July 18-20 (July 21 optional field trip), College Park, MD]

How did the geology we see all around us form? Natural Science - Phenomenological Science - Spiritual Science. For geology professionals or those who feel geology as an avocation; but also those newer to geology are welcome (with some small ground rules).


Conference location: Christian Community Parish House 4221 Metzerott Rd College Park, Md 20740
Next to the University of Maryland

*Pre-Conference field trip...

by the DC metro-subway to the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum to see the geology/gem/mineral collection and the long awaited Natural History paleontology exhibition newly opened! (Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall are free of charge)
Departing Thursday July 18 at 8:00am from 4221 Metzerott Rd College Park, Md 

Conference Schedule Plan

Thursday July 18
5:00pm Welcome! Meet and Greet and check-in
5:45pm Conference Opening with verse from Goethe
5:50pm Orientation and house keeping details for the Geology Conference
6:05pm  Geologist Frank Fawcett
Presentation on his translation of Dankmar Bosse's Natural History book into English from German.
Dankmar Bosse is a remarkable Goethean Scientist dwelling in Berlin Germany who brings together Natural Science and Spiritual Science regarding the evolution of earth and humans. 
6:50pm Geologist Jonathan Swan Presentation on the what? the how? the why? the who? of Goethean Science i.e. Phenomenological Science
7:30pm Guided discussion asking geology attendees about their approach to Goethean Science 
8:00pm Open geology conversation among those with a geology background with welcomed listening observers  
8:55pm Close with a verse from Steiner

Friday July 19
8:00am Biodynamic coffee and conversation
8:30 Opening verse from Goethe 
8:40 Some small movement exercise for participants
8:55 Sculpting using Cretaceous creek clay; group attempts a sculpture of  Coastal Plain-Piedmont-Blue Ridge-Ridge & Valley-Appalachian Plateau 
9:30 Geologist Jonathan Swan Presentation on Piedmont-Coastal Plain Fall-line geology
10:10 Snack
10:30 Field Trip by car to The Falls of the Anacostia Watershed and then to the Great Falls of the Potomac Watershed (small entrance fee for a car) ;
                            bring lunch, dinner, and gear; (optional geology hike possible at Great Falls of the Potomac River)
6:30-7:45 Return to the  Geology Conference location 
8:00  Review the geology seen on the field trip that day -Living with the question- How did the geology we observed form?
9:00  Closing verse from Steiner

Saturday July 20
8:00am Biodynamic coffee, questions, conversation
8:30am Opening verse from Goethe
8:40am Some small movement exercise
8:55am Clay sculpture using Cretaceous clay and other natural materials continues modeling Maryland's & Virginia's Physiographic Provinces
9:30am Michael Judge Presentation on Maryland Mesozoic Cretaceous exposures
10:15am Field Trip to close by Paint Branch Creek and the Cretaceous exposures (110 mya)
11:30am Field Trip by car to Cretaceous iron ore siderite-dinosaur exposure (110 mya) at Muirkirk, Md; Bring lunch and gear
               *Option of visiting a moon rock at nearby Goddard Space Flight Center – How did the moon form?
 6:00-8:00 Dinner on your own (many nearby options)
 8:00 Review of the geology of the day -Living with the question -How did this geology we have observed form?
 9:00 Reviewing the Geology Conference and thinking about future geology work
 9:30 Close Conference with verse from Steiner

Sunday July 21 Optional  Field trip...

to Southern Maryland in the afternoon to see Miocene geology and possibly the Tertiary-Cretaceous boundary 

*Cost for Geology Conference $50 (pay upon arrival at the Conference)
*Scholarships are available for those who need it; contact: mjudge2000@remove-this.gmail.remove-this.com 
*Let us know if you wish to come for a portion of the Conference, which can then be pro-rated
*You can let us know your lodging and meal needs as we have recommendations and options 
*It helps to let us know if you plan to come!
Contact: mjudge2000@remove-this.gmail.remove-this.com