Gradalis Teaching As An Art Week [July 8-12, Denver, CO]

This Week takes place each Summer in preparation for grade level teaching and teacher renewal. The Teaching as an Art Week is recommended for all teachers working in public or independent schools in the Waldorf movement.

Grade Level Preparation for Grades ECE-8 + Foreign Language, Handwork, Games/P.E.
Learn from experts in the Waldorf movement.
Professional Development hours are Nationally Accredited

FACULTY: Jennie Baudhuin, B.S. | Martha Gollogly, B.A. | Cristina Drews, M.S.Ed. | Eric Ebert, M.Ed. | Sandra Kirschner, B.A. | Thesa Callinicos | Karl Johnson, M.A. | Lee Pope, B.A. | Craig Rubens, Games/P.E. | Marleney Alfaro, B.A. Foreign Language | Helen Lubin, M.A., Speech Arts | Handwork

Unique to the Gradalis Teaching as an Art week is that all grades (ECE–grade 8) come together during the same week, along with specials teachers for renewal and inspiration for the coming year. Meet friends and colleagues from other schools. Stay in touch by meeting each summer for this renewal course. The Teaching as an Art classes cover a variety of information designed to ready the teacher with stories, art, academics and pedagogically appropriate content for his/her grade level.  Many teachers take these classes annually before starting each school year.

Included in this preparation week  in the summer of 2019 is coursework and inspiration for the following specials teachers:

  • P.E./Movement & Games (Grade Level Games; Bothmer & Spacial Dynamics)
  • Foreign Language (Spanish instructor and exceptional for all foreign languages)

Class Teachers will experience the following elements of preparation for their Grade Level:

  • Overview of the year–curriculum content and main lesson placement
  • Preparation of the Annual Block Plan–bring your school’s calendar for 2019-2020
  • Lesson Planning for the 4-fold lesson
  • Forming your class and introductory activities to start the year
  • Child Development for this age children & how to meet them in the appropriate way
  • Classroom management
  • Age appropriate movement, games & circle activities that keep students engaged and challenged
  • Speech Arts: poetry, verses for your grade level with Helen Lubin
  • The soul mood required by the teacher as “loving authority” in the classroom appropriate for this grade level
  • What lies behind the curriculum at this grade level–why do we teach what we teach this year
  • Introduction to each Main Lesson Block of the year with Content (Instructors model lessons, story-telling, poems, music–both singing & instruments appropriate for the grade level– and enrichment activities to engage your students in learning)
  • Skills (math & literacy) expectations for your grade level–Introduction of the Gradalis Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Drawing & watercolor painting at your grade level
  • Suggested Field Trips to enhance learning and build the community in your classroom
  • The Class Play–ideas and grade level appropriate approaches

Join us to learn from experienced Class & Specialty teachers known to be masters at their craft.

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