Growing Exceptional Plants: An Effective Gardening Series, with Dennis Klocek [Jan 31-Feb 2, May 2-4, July 18-20, Oct 17-19, Fair Oaks, CA]

To grow exceptional plants requires the blending of three disciplines: --Morphology: the study of plant forms based on the scientific works of Goethe. --Plant Nutrition: the study of soil types, climate influences, plant evolution and physiology. --Phenology: the study of the cycles in nature linked to the sun and moon.

This new quarterly offering by Dennis Klocek will address these areas of plant management based on insights gained from alchemical methods, as they appear in the course of a grower's year. Designed for serious gardeners as well as the commercial grower, the goal of these offerings is to provide abundant practical insights into the production of the highest quality plants for food and medicine.

Each session will involve plant study, alchemical methodologies, and planetary rhythm influences that when integrated improve dramatically the quality of cultivated plants.

Course fee: $250 for each quarterly session.

Additional information: 
Please contact or 916-963-2500 with questions.
Artwork: Sowing, a woodcut by Dennis Klocek