History Through Music [July 7-12, Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK]

A week-long exploration of the human being’s relationship to music through time with Eric G. Müller, Martina Angela Müller and Sigune Brinch.

Join us for an artistic and historic exploration of the relationship between the human being and music through all time!

Music is a fascinating reflection of the development of human consciousness. During this history through music course we will examine the spiritual underpinnings of music as well as the underlying lawfulness. We will endeavor to uncover the primal beginnings of music and will move through the respective eras right up to the 21st century. Definitive examples will be highlighted as representative expressions of their time period. Examples from each era will be played, both live and recorded, including collaboration with course participants (if you play an instrument, please bring it along!)

During the painting sessions we will endeavor to make music visible by deeply listening to melodies, harmonies and rhythms and the overall expressive quality of the piece(s) chosen and through translating them into color, movement and composition on canvas. This work is a powerful translation from the audible to the visual, from one artistic language to another. Music can be a tremendous inspirer for the visual arts as it metamorphoses into color, movement and composition. We will work first with pencils and pastels and eventually with water soluble oils on canvas. No previous experience is necessary. 

Exploring and practicing the interval eurythmy movements at the beginning of each day will create a backdrop of profound experience to bring to the unfolding course programme. Eurythmy was created as a  language of gesture, to allow us to understand what cannot be put into words alone, and can evolve as living experience and concept, even after the event. 

This course is for musicians, artists, eurythmists, teachers and anyone who is interested in human consciousness and the role of music in our development. We will give some indications as to how the thematic content relates to the Waldorf curriculum, with emphasis on the History through Music block in 11th grade.

Eric G. Müller is the director of Teacher Education at the Alkion Center, and a humanities teacher at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in Harlemville, New York. Born in Durban, South Africa, he studied literature and history at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He continued his studies at Emerson College, England, and the Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy in Witten-Annen, Germany, where he specialized in drama and music education. He was a class teacher in Eugene, Oregon for eight years before becoming a high school teacher. He has published numerous books, including novels, children’s books, and poetry. Do You Love Your Teachers? ~ Memoir of a Waldorf Teacher is his most recent publication. www.ericgmuller.com

Martina Angela Müller is a multidisciplinary artist on the faculties of both the Alkion Center and the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in Ghent, NY. She was educated at Ruhruniversity Bochum, Emerson College in England and Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy in Witten-Annen, Germany. She was a co founder of the Waldorf Teacher Education Center in Eugene, Oregon and of the Alkion Center at Hawthorne Valley, Ghent, NY. Her paintings, sculptures and installation pieces are created by bringing the living forces of nature together with meditative processes. Rudolf Steiner’s indications for painters and color meditations have been a central part of her work for over three decades. Her work has been seen in numerous galleries in New York State and Massachusetts and is in private collections across four continents. She works as a freelance artist and teacher in Ghent NY where she maintains her studio. For more visit her website www.martinaangelamuller.com

Sigune Brinch (MA Perf. Eu) is the principal of Peredur Eurythmy, a vocational training center for eurythmy located in the south-east of England. She is also the Performing Arts Section Co-ordinator of the AS in GB. She has spent most of her working life as a stage artist and Eurythmy trainer, performing internationally with different ensembles and as a soloist. She has taught children and adults extensively, and also offers performance projects for trained eurythmists and for a mixed cast of children and adults.

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