In Search of the Centre—in Depth: Dornach, Arlesheim & beyond… [Aug 25-Sept 8, Dornach/Alsace/Stuttgart]

Join us for a week of in-depth exploring with Rima Meadow, an American eurythmist and speech artist, who has lived, studied and worked in Dornach-Arlesheim for 7 years, in Dornach, Alsace, and Stuttgart.

These pictures are so familiar to us and yet…

• Have you gone behind the scenes to explore the whole Goetheanum, seen the Representative of Humanity sculpture and Gerard Wagner’s original paintings from the Second Goetheanum?
• Have you visited the Glass House and the other extraordinary buildings designed by Rudolf Steiner, each for their specific purpose?
• Have you seen the houses designed by him and others following his inspiration? 
• Have you seen the interior of a home designed by Steiner and the fascinating metamorphic fences around gardens?
• Have you visited the archives and seen some of the original art and written works of Steiner?
• Have you visited the Persephone Grotto at the Hermitage – and why would you?
• Have you visited the Klinik Arlesheim and the Sonnenhof, founded by Ita Wegman?
• Have you seen the displays of anthroposophical jewelry, clocks and furniture?

All this and much more is on offer for a week of in-depth exploring with Rima Meadow, an American eurythmist and speech artist, who has lived, studied and worked in Dornach-Arlesheim for 7 years. Included will be art classes in clay and painting, story time with Wanda Chrzanowska, who has amazing tales about her family and Dornach - as well as other opportunities that may present themselves.

Rima will then take us to explore Colmar and see the Isenheim altarpiece by Grünewald, the glorious Alsace area, Mont St-Odile, Strasbourg cathedral, Malsch, Maulbronn Monastery and, finally, a day in Stuttgart before returning home.

Accommodation will be primarily in monastery or convent guesthouses; hotel in Riquewihr and near Stuttgart airport.
For further information please contact Sarnia Guiton 604-740-0676 –