Mystery Drama Summer School at Threefold [August 8-18, Chestnut Ridge, NY]

For ten days this August, director and speech artist Barbara Renold will lead an interactive, interdisciplinary plunge into Rudolf Steiner’s third mystery drama, “The Guardian of the Threshold,” with a focus on scenes 3, 7, and 8: Lucifer and Ahriman's kingdoms and the Guardian.

Interdisciplinary Intensive
With Barbara Renold
And Guest Faculty To Be Announced

Professional Eurythmy Intensive
With Dorothea Mier

August 8-18, 2019

Polarities in the social chaos of our time . . .

First performed a century ago, Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery dramas trace the evolving relationships of a group of individuals through multiple incarnations, from ancient times to modern. The unfolding on stage of these interwoven destinies reveals the deep origins of interpersonal and social polarities and strife, and points the viewer toward paths for understanding and reconciling the social issues of our time.

The Interdisciplinary Intensive

Director and speech artist Barbara Renold will lead an interactive, interdisciplinary plunge into the third mystery drama, The Guardian of the Threshold, with a focus on scenes 3, 7, and 8: Lucifer and Ahriman’s kingdoms and the Guardian. Study and discussion will be enriched and illuminated by group artistic activities. Actors’ workshops, eurythmy, and speech exercises will enable us to penetrate the scenes more deeply through “hands-on” experience.

The Professional Eurythmy Intensive

The special eurythmy intensive with Dorothea Mier will be devoted to exploring the archetypal spiritual beings portrayed in these plays. Our focus will be on Lucifer, Ahriman, the Guardian of the Threshold, and the Soul Forces Philia, Astrid, Luna, and the Other Philia.

Each morning, participants in both intensives will join together for speech work, movement exercises, and study. Daily group explorations of Rudolf Steiner’s Speech and Drama Course, given in September 1924, will illuminate the origins and significance of this massively significant piece of twentieth-century art. Each day will also include ample time for rest, recreation, and summer fun in the Threefold community’s bucolic setting.

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Created for all levels of familiarity with the plays, the Mystery Drama Summer School is a unique opportunity to work with expert faculty, interested friends, and professional peers to
• develop your understanding of these important works
• explore artistic activity as a path of inner development
• and experience art as a path to understanding and resolving interpersonal and social strife.
Join us, and immerse yourself in the illuminating power of Rudolf Steiner’s mystery dramas!

Tuition: $450-$700, sliding scale. Tuition includes lunch daily at Threefold Café. Our intention is that no one be excluded for financial reasons; financial aid and work-study opportunities will be offered.

Information: For information about the program, including financial aid, please contact Barbara Renold:

Housing: For information about housing options in the Threefold community, please visit this page.